Ready-to-use inhalation devices to be customised for pharmaceutical companies.
Illustration of the globe with medical aid cross coming from three speach bubbles.


There is a growing interest in delivering medicines by inhalation, not only medicines that treat the lungs and airways, but also ones that act systemically. Vaccines, for instance, can be given as inhalation instead of injection.

In order to replace injections with inhalation, Iconovo is working to solve challenges around creating fail-proof and fit-for purpose products that are easy to use. Inhalers are also disposable items, thus manufactured in large volumes. It must be possible to manufacture the inhaler at a low unit cost and meet the large volume requirements for a popular product.


Through a close and long term collaboration with Iconovo we have designed a family of intuitive to use and fail-proof inhalers available for customisation for Iconovo's customers. The product family is designed to complement each other and serve different purposes. The inside geometry of the inhalers is adapted for each powder formulation to get the right aerodynamic properties, in other words, right lung dose every time.
Two rows of white Dover charging stations. Blue stylized environment.
A stylized person using the Dover charger unit.
User approaching Dover charger unit.


By offering other medical companies to buy already developed inhalers, they can skip a long and expensive design process of their own, which in turn saves both time and resources.
‍Making high-quality treatments available at a lower cost for people that have limited resources to spend on medicine
Easier to distribute essential medicine in warm climates and avoid hazardous waste like used needles.
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