Competitive advantages.

Devoted to making the world a better place by creating circular sustainable systems and products that generate business value and make a positive social impact for people around the globe. We collaborate with bold companies across industries and sectors.



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Innovation Leadership

We trigger and lead innovation processes. We advise corporate strategies, construct sustainable product and service concepts and digital experiences. By collecting, organising and examining data, we gain a deeper insight into your business. We are not afraid to let our imaginations run wild, allowing us to visualise new possibilities as new realities unfold.
Disassembling complexity
Complexity isn’t always a bad thing, it just needs to be matched with the context and the needs of your users. One of our main goals is to make products, services and systems easier to handle for the people who use them.
Connecting the dots
Design overall, is all about making connections –“connecting the right dots”. By combining knowledge and insight from many diverse areas we are able to develop an ideal user experience that integrates seamlessly with its real-world ecosystem.
Shaping future society
We help you turn your sustainability program into tangible activities. We provide you with a blend of insights and design to produce sustainable services, products and structures. With us it’s never “the same procedure as last year”.
Products and services
Together with you we explore and expand ideas, turning them into business strategies, physical and digital products and services. Always prototyping and developing with feedback from your users to ensure a great experience of your product or service.


A sustainable future requires us to involve the entire ecosystem in the design process. We can no longer choose to continue on our current paths if we care about the future of our planet.

At .labs we support bold organisations in their sustainability transition journeys. Inspiring whole new imaginations and experimenting to bring them to life for our collective long term futures.
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