All in blue. A person using an electrical Dover charging station.
An Electric vehicle charging system that is compliant with all industry standards and interoperable with all major platforms.
Illustration of old fuel pump transforming into new electrical charging station.


To enable and encourage a great switch from petrol to electric cars, a change is needed in long established behaviors and infrastructures. Key challenges that gas stations face in making the move to offer EV charging are costs and space.

Dover Fueling Solutions challenges were creating a product that is compliant with all industry standards and interoperable with all major platforms.
At the same time the charging station needs to be space efficient and provide a premium experience for EV owners.


After working closely with Dover Fueling Solutions for a long time, we understood the different needs the charging station had to satisfy. The charging station is specifically designed with a very small footprint to fit onto even the tightest of forecourts with sleek charge posts connected to a central power cabinet, which can be placed outside the forecourt area.

This space optimized design presents site owners with more opportunities to incorporate customized EV charging onto their sites to attract EV drivers. The EV Charging System is designed with reliability in mind, offering an enhanced and intuitive user experience for EV owners.
Two rows of white Dover charging stations. Blue stylized environment.
A stylized person using the Dover charger unit.
User approaching Dover charger unit.


Optimised EV charging infrastructure on a global scale.
Providing reliable charging availability and a premium experience for customers.
Enabling retailers to broaden their customer offering.
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