CLS device with touchscreen and laptop running the CLS graphical interface.
Carefully precise cancer treatment. Can be offered to patients that are considered inoperable in view of traditional open surgery.
Illustration of CLS laser treatment. In yellow.


Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, or nearly one in six deaths.The cancer burden can be reduced through early detection and appropriate treatment and care of patients.

CLS is a Swedish company that develops medical laser tools for use in cancer care and neurosurgery. The technology needed to be evolved from use in research environments to use in clinical environments in different parts of the world where the workflow requires high accuracy and very little room for user error placing high demands on the design of the user experience.
In an MRI lab. CLS device with touchscreen and laptop running the CLS graphical interface.
A stylized person using the Dover charger unit.
User approaching Dover charger unit.


The Thermal Therapy (TTT) system includes a desktop mobile laser unit, with touch screen graphical user interface, optical fiber laser applicators, procedure specific introducer systems and tools for temperature monitoring.

The TTT system can be seamlessly integrated with an existing ultrasound system or MRI scanner. Its thermometry software provides real time monitoring and control of the procedure, enabling the physician to personalize and optimize the treatment for each patient.


Minimal-invasive procedure allowing the patient to quickly return to normal life and at the same time allowing for more radical treatment options at a later stage, if needed.
Patients own immune system is triggered to destroy the tumor cells.
Providing precise and accurate tools that can transform today’s standard-of-care and improve patient outcome and quality of life.

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