A flexible application that can be customised according to your needs.


Range anxiety refers to a concern that many EV drivers share – Will they reach their destination before the batteries run flat? This makes range anxiety one of the most important barriers to the adoption of electric cars. EV drivers worldwide need to be ensured that they are in full control when they get behind the wheel. ABRP offers their customers the opportunity to plan their road trip. The existing application had limited usability and needed further development.


We developed a more intuitive interface with clearly visual hierarchies of information and features. By adding a navigation bar we made it possible for drivers to personalise their road trips. Drivers can choose and adjust variables such as speed preferences, weather, temperature, load and other conditions. We adjusted features, making it possible to plan trips with stops for restaurants, shopping or hotels that offer charging along the planned route. Drivers can plan their trips months in advance, when the application works both off-car, on computer and phone as well as in the car.


Enabled millions of users worldwide to plan their next EV trip. 65 million trips and counting.
Added a premium user experience.
Enhanced driving experience.