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Designing the best sewing machine


By meeting the expectations of creative people with the best from two worlds - technology and handcraft - in a highly advanced piece of machinery from a brand with a strongly rooted heritage.


Using the PFAFF heritage and brand values as a springboard, while thoroughly analyzing trends within craft-designing solutions that are focused on user needs and behaviors.


Extremely well-received PFAFF creative icon is the most expensive and advanced sewing machine in the world and it is selling like hot cakes.

With high competence and knowledge of global trends Zenit has added a new perspective to our brand and helped modernize our product design. The work was done with great respect for our more than 150-year-old brand and our cooperation has been very successful - as testified by several design awards.

Colour moodboard

The mindset

Zenit Design was approached to be PFAFF’s strategic design partner in turning their brand vision into reality and we are proud of this ongoing collaboration. Knowing PFAFF well from several years of close collaboration, Zenit Design understands the importance of the individualistic and graceful, yet strong and precise aesthetics associated with the PFAFF brand. The devil is in the details both for the crafty user and the sewing machine brand. Knowing your users and their needs, their dreams and desires, is key to create designs that will be well introduced in the market. Our user insights dig deep into the “hows” and “whys” around the usage and user for each of the products in the PFAFF portfolio, as they are all different.

creative icon - best in class

PFAFF's creative icon targets users who really enjoy handcrafting and at the same time feel the upside of technology in their hearts. To be able to take a picture with their camera, upload it and use it in their designs is part of their creative freedom. PFAFF's creative icon helps them to do just that. A super-modern connected product for people who really enjoy working with handcraft.

The devil is not only in the details

The concept of 360-design has been a true success factor. Caring for the small details and seeing all sides of the machines as potential fronts, having elegancy as a part of every view is not just a design element - it is a sales argument.

Another innovative expression is Imaginary Room. This involves creating a fictive space between the user and the machine. The black front area emphasize the creative interplay between the sewing enthusiast and the sewing machine. It has a feeling of connection - a feeling of a personal bond. It is just you and the machine.

A long term relationship

PFAFF and Zenit have worked closely since 2011, bringing a number of products to market. A part of this collaboration is The Design Manifest - a foundation when designing new products for PFAFF. The intention was to take the PFAFF-design to a higher level by carefully handling the minimalistic but bold heritage and add a 360° design approach.

Together with the PFAFF team we also made a new Product Guideline. This is a document where we describe how to handle and differentiate products according to colors, materials, logo placement. This is an example from this guideline, showing the color on the high level machines (i.e. creative icon).

The product won the Red Dot Design Award 'Best of the best' and continues to be a commercial success for PFAFF. The launch and sales start of the creative icon have been exceptional and we are truly happy for our client’s success.

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Red Dot announce Zenit Design's design as the "Best of the Best"

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Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Mårten Rittfeldt
Creative Director | Founder
+46 704 20 77 33
Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Mårten Rittfeldt
Creative Director | Founder
+46 704 20 77 33
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