Lundberg Classic

Redefining a brand


The challenge was to find balance between Lundberg's strong heritage and a new brand, with a product being the first Swedish sugarcane based rum and unique in its production method, all in consideration of liquor legal requirements.


Defining and, at the same time, re-defining the brand and the beverage as one. Creating the tone of the brand through research on the rum-rhum-ron segment and learning about the extraordinary process behind the uniquely produced Skåne Rum.


The new Lundberg Classic Golden Spiced brand identity was born by the Systembolaget launch spring of 2019, setting a sound foundation of the company and its future products spreading the message of slow living.

After watching an American television program, Leif was inspired to create what later became: Lundberg Classic Golden Spiced. The program was about Whiskey-making and how to do it in a non-traditional way.

After much experimentation, Leif found the perfect method on how to make his locally manufactured rum. With tools such as oak planks, ultrasound and electric power, the beverage was produced in just a few days instead of years. With the right air pressure, the flavour and colour of the beverage was released. Leif had a product and a bottle. Now he needed a brand identity.

Finding the sweet spot

As always, we approach our challenges by backing up a few steps, finding the why of the project - finding the reason for the product having been produced in the first place. By asking questions such as; ''How come the existing Lundberg brand look the way it does? What part of the Lundberg heritage can be translated into a new, unique and innovative product?'' we could find the redefinition code for the brand to live by. We found it in Slow Living.

A thorough research was conducted looking into the rum market, liquor stores, existing brands and their packaging and store display. What is it, that makes the perception that you are looking at Rum and not, for example, Whiskey?

By analysing the research and its results, it came quite clear what tone of voice Lundberg should have. The key words Tradition, Authenticity and Warmth became the foundation of Lundberg’s values. From this research came the spot on brand tagline; ’Fast Process - Slow living’’.

In a world full of stress, this drink reminds you of the values of slow and pure enjoyment, which is the core and true meaning of Fast process - Slow living

Standards and regulations

The unique production method of Golden Spiced created a few communication challenges. Due to varying rules and laws of the nation's producing the spirit - we were unable to reference to the beverage as rum, rhum or ron. The differences in definitions include issues such as spirit proof, minimum ageing and the naming standards.

Putting ourselves into a subject like this is a lot of fun and a major part of our daily work at Zenit Design. We are never experts in a specific line of business or industry. Our projects stretch over such wide horizon that it would be impossible to know it all. However, we get really deep down nerdy in the matters we work on. Learning a lot in one area or industry add on to work we do in other businesses as we typically bridge our knowledge to create the new and exciting.

Winter was coming

So, just in time for Christmas, the Lundberg Classic Golden Spiced brand identity was born and ready for product launch. The unique beverage can now be purchased globally, spreading the message of slow living. In Sweden you find it on Systembolaget’s website.

With a new bottle design, logo, website, brochure and other merchandise, we created a brand telling the story of Lundberg - an expert in slow living and enjoyment. The new visual identity ties all loose ends together, making the rum memorable as a locally produced and unique product.

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Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Anna Fernhammar
Senior Graphic Designer
+46 707 83 22 40
Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Anna Fernhammar
Senior Graphic Designer
+46 707 83 22 40
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