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Curocell Series


The challenge of this case was to develop a user friendly pump for Care Of Sweden’s new fully automatic pump- and air mattress systems. The existing pump and pump system needed an update in order to offer the best pump on the market.


An early field study laid the foundation of an established relationship with the users through the whole process. We approached this project, making sure we work close with the client and end user. By using this method, our team found possibilities and needs that were not originally thought of.


The new CuroCell® have won two awards, one iF and one Red Dot. We succeeded to develop a well designed product family, ergonomic, user friendly and fail safe system. The product appeals both the health care giver and receiver. The new CuroCell pump meet all needs with its user-centered design.

A committed company

Care Of Sweden is a company that develops and manufactures medical technology products and services for the healthcare sector, focusing on preventing pressure ulcers. The company are working together with health care professionals to reduce unnecessary suffering and save financial resources.Care Of Sweden is unique and famously known for their high service level, being truly committed and available to their customers, both in the private and public sector.

Case intro

The mission was to create a whole family of pumps. The new concept idea is to develop a common front and back cover for all the pumps, and only change the keypad that is integrated in the top part. The different keypads differs in functionality and color depending on which model you need. That makes it possible to have a strong consistent family feeling and also reduced the manufacturer cost by lowering parts and use fewer tools.

Concept sketches

The CPR element

As your partner in design and engineering, we guide you to good solutions. In this case we assisted in finding the best suited tool manufacturer which reduced the development cost radically.

One of the challenges was to change the CPR feature of the pump. If one should need CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) when laying on the activated air mattress, it’s crucial the mattress can be turned off quickly to create a hard and steady surface in order to execute the CPR correctly. By creating a new pump plug to the mattress, the design solution meets the safety expectations. The plug can easily be pulled out with one intuitive movement enabled by two big buttons on each side of the plug - creating a failsafe system. This new plug also makes it fail safe to combine the pump and mattress incorrectly.

Another important feature of the keypad is the silicon material. Its hygienic, easy to clean and gives a tactile feeling of the pump series.

Advanced product in simple package

The Curocell features are many. To list a few:

  • ​It is vibration free and runs silent, which is rare for this kind of product. Besides being super quiet, the system runs automatically and has low maintenance.
  • The system is designed to offer the user excellent comfort, while also saving time and resources in working to prevent pressure ulcers up to category 4. Not only does the mattress increase comfort, it also enables better health economy and leads to an easier working day for the care staff.
  • The mattress and pump work together in full automation and with the new pulsating mode, they adapt to the user’s individual needs and circumstances.
  • Over all, the product is best described as an advanced product in a simple package.

Collaboration results

After a long and inspiring collaboration with Care of Sweden we are very happy with the result. We have created a smart product family, clear in its design expression and interface, holding on to the Care Of Sweden brand values.

The amazing CuroCell is an award winning product. Congratulations to Care of Sweden for the iF and Red Dot Award, 2019! We are proud to have been apart of this successful project, with a product that not only works perfectly and looks good, but also helps people.

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Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Mårten Rittfeldt
Creative Director | Founder
+46 704 20 77 33
Want to know more?
Get in touch with:
Mårten Rittfeldt
Creative Director | Founder
+46 704 20 77 33
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