We create design solutions that add real value for people, organisations and society

All projects are different.
To meet your particular needs, a customised team of designers are built. As specialists within their field, your project is handled with precision, everything from business models to mechanics. Our process is iterative and user-centered.

Check out a concrete description of our process below.

We ask Why

We start by understanding why a certain problem exists. In order to excavate the root cause we dig deeper and get under the skin of the problem using tools like observations, interviews, contextual enquiries among many others. We call upon our ability to empathise with people to understand their true conditions & struggles, beyond just what they might tell us. This forms the foundation for innovative work solving real problems for real people.

We find out What

We then build upon this foundation and explore what kinds of solutions might effectively solve the problem at hand. We fill in the design space keeping in mind other requirements and limitations that might exist in the business, technical, social, cultural or sustainability domains. Trying out parts of possible solutions and using them as trigger materials helps with further inquiry and validation, ensuring that we are solving the right problem for the right people. This allows organisations to increase innovation height while mitigating some of the risks that are a part of doing innovative work.

We know How

Finally, the solution must be made real and implemented, so we focus on doing just that while also keeping in mind everything we have learned so far. We solve challenges in how to implement the design of required products, interfaces, experiences and services. We do this together with material suppliers, experts, software developers or anyone else that might be needed. The final product is then a mix of physical and digital materials as required, but most importantly solving the problem that we initially set out to solve.

Our Clients