So we design...

For some this means styling to make things attractive - often technology. Of course, your products and services should - and will - become very attractive, but the only way to make them sought after is to ensure that they also provide the best possible user experience. An experience that focuses not only on looks, but also on how it makes you feel, and how it co-exists and interacts with everything around us. You want to create an impact on your users, provide them with a desired behavioural experience that may be new to them, but feels truly familiar because it fits their needs so seamlessly. Call it a touch of magic if you like, but it's just a lot of hard work and years of experience. Experience that originated in 1994.

What we do

We apply our design mindset to organisations to help them achieve their goals for success. Whether this requires a product or service, or should best be experienced analog or digital, is not an outcome in itself for us, but just a logical consequence of the identified needs of the user. We help your organization to create an impact on your users to imagine a desirable future and then to make those imaginaries a reality.

The result of our work takes many different forms. To name a few:

How we do this

Our approach to this is rather simple. We start by understanding the challenges and dreams your users have today to get a clear picture of their needs. At the same time, we look at the other components that are needed to make a valuable solution possible. This could be for example your production process, regulations that impose conditions on the operations, or your financial boundaries to implement and maintain a change.

We have experts

And what about the planet?

We all know that the demands to achieve a sustainable future have increased a lot, and we all know why. But do we know how to best make these demands actionable when it comes to our products and production methods? That’s where we can contribute with our passion for sustainable design. 

Our design can help you to maximize the use of your products by looking at the entire value chain. We help you choose the right materials and enable recycling by ensuring adequate separation of the components. We make it possible to upgrade the functionality of your products and optimize the conditions for an effective repair to extend their lifespan. We will also help you act on a higher plan; to shift the business focus from selling products towards selling the output of these products to achieve a more sustainable consumption, which may require services in and digitization of your business offering.

We can help you on your journey to a more sustainable and circular offer. Ultimately, it's all about using our resources more effectively and responsibly. Caring for the planet is caring for our self and our community.