Zstove Part 2: To design a vision

Specialist skills come together in order to design Per Löfberg's vision. Per from Emerging Cooking Solutions (ECS) had experienced the poor supply of pellets stoves and its impact on the environment and human beings. A challenge that led to a product idea and different kinds of cooperation.

Per Löfberg

In "Zstove part 1", Per tells of the vision that "cooking should not kill" and the meeting with Zenit Design as the starting point for the project. The project to design a vision and develop a brand new pellet stove.

If we can build fighter aircraft in Sweden that can compete against American and international fighter aircraft, then we should be able to build a stove that does not kill people.
- Per

The cooperation that made the project possible

The big challenge was to create an efficient combustion process without a fan that is cheap to manufacture and sell. Together with the combustion experts at Zemission and the construction, concept and design expertise at Zenit Design, ECS, with its experience of pellets and stoves, has found a solution to the challenge.

We needed experts on combustion in order for the stove to burn cleanly, and designers to make a smart stove that's still cheap. Zenit Design is one of the companies that made this possible. With its long and broad knowledge within the fields of construction and design, Zenit Design has helped us develop a product that is ready for production.
- Per

Design for change

Designing for a change has meant developing a stove with natural draft that burns as well and cleanly as a stove with a fan. The stove needs to be clean and use as little material as possible, be manufactured at a low production cost and suitable for both larger kitchens and home use.

The goal is to sell the stove for two or three hundred Swedish crowns, instead of the twelve hundred that the competitors are charging today. An African household has an income of about a thousand crowns a month, which has made it difficult for them to buy stoves and pellets, even though it’s cheaper in the long run. It feels unbelievably good to be able to offer a solution that is both cheaper and better for health and the environment.
- Per

What happens now?

In the next part, Per will tell us about the product ready for production and what difference Zstove can do. Follow the Zstove project on social media under #ZstoveECS.

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December 12, 2017
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