Zenit Design chronicle - 2018

After 24 exciting years in the business we say:

Welcome the 25th. You shall be filled with new adventures and we can’t wait to meet you.

But let’s not forget about this past year and the added wisdom it gave us. Looking back over these past months, it’s clear how we are in a new company era, with us being settled in our new facilities and with another Red Dot award to the collection. Let’s have a closer look at 2018, shall we?

The year started off in a high pace with big projects coming in making us very very busy. So busy that we even had to hire in extra consultants to manage our deadlines. Good job, guys! This happened simultaneously with our relocation to the new facilities, making the beginning of the year action filled.

Yes, we finally moved in at Södra Promenaden. This event was celebrated with 200 friends in a spectacular house warming party. Amazing food, music and company made this a night to remember. The relocation meant new experiences for both our team, contacts, clients and future friends. We truly enjoy the possibility to host big events, breakfast meetings and lectures. Our working place now reflects our team - being both comfy, curious and daring.

I tell you, to renovate a 1946-built house up to the standards of today was certainly a challenge. After many long discussions with our land lord Eon and our talented construction consultants, Stefan Olsson at Structor to mention one, the office was done. Even though moving only 700 meters from our last venue, the mentality of a Malmö City based office kicked in, making a bigger emotional impact than you might think.

It’s lovely to be working amongst so many artistic businesses in the area. For example, we have the Modern Museum, connected to an art-boutique filled street. The relocation also resulted in an upgrade for the whole company, including our graphic profile.

2018 meant a good award-year for us, with a Red Dot award for our Creative Icon of PFAFF and a Design S award for our ZStove of Emerging Cooking Solutions, to our collection. We have also been active in the presentation area. Many consultants of ours have been to established venues presenting and holding lectures as specialists in their respective topics. For example, we’ve been at Malmö Business, HealthTech, MYSIGMA and Information System Development.

On occasions we’ve traveled further away than Sweden or Denmark, going to places as Switzerland, Mexico and China in project related missions.

But don’t worry, the office is always manned. Not only by our colleagues but also by our house renting guests at Zenit Friends. You find them at the first floor of Zenit, working and enjoying the creative atmosphere of the building. We have friends working with apps, illustrations, service design, fashionable accessories, filmmaking and architecture. It’s great having these extra creatives just a staircase away contributing with more curious minds.

Over to some 2019 prospects. Good things are put in motion when the clock turns twelve on new years. Instead of the classic ‘’New year, New me’’, we go for a different version - ‘’New year, Upgraded Me’’. We will keep working in the successful way as always, just adding new missions and goals. We will also get more active in hosting networking events, focusing on our fellow design businesswomen and men. Keep an eye open, this is something you don’t want to miss.

2019 provide us with new project possibilities in the medical technique area and transport sector. Not to forget projects involving the urban space, art and the engineering industry. It’s easy to say that we’re looking forward to the new year and it’s bright prospects.

What better way to wrap up the year than with a cozy Christmas party? Between work, work and work we take the time to socialize with each other and have some fun. With so many interesting people, events such as the Christmas party always turn out great!

To sum up this past year; Zenit has started working on many integrated projects. As a design agency we have worked with design research via concept development and co-creation, leading to final service-, interface- and product design results. Except for working with clients and projects, we’ve started actively working for a connected design and industry business. This is an ongoing investigation containing research, lectures and external meetings.

BIG thanks to all team members of Zenit Design for making this a memorable year. Another BIG thanks to our cherished clients for providing interesting and fun projects. In one month, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year, while entering a new Zenit Design year filled with adventures. Cheers!

December 4, 2018
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