Zenit Design and the Pandemic

Due to Covid-19 Zenit Design has taken precautions and will keep distance until we feel comfortable to physically join forces again. Meanwhile the office echoes empty, but fear not, we are there in spirit and just a phone call away. 

In Spring we initially had a few events planned and in this pandemic times we bring out our inner Bear Grylls to improvise, adapt and overcome. Some events will be transformed into Webinars while others are postponed. With partners all over the world we have a strong habit of keeping virtual but close contact with each other and our clients. This experience has brought us extra knowledge on finding the right local vendors and collaborations, and though our network we can assist your organisation to do the same.

There has been a lot articles on strategies to remain focused while working from home. Our experience reveals one method more efficient than others and it’s what makes us such a close team. Keep in touch with your colleagues every day. By regularly talking, you trigger each other and strengthen the motivation to work. Stay connected, people!

With that said, we are as available as always. If you need someone in particular, see everyone's individual contact information. For business enquiries and general questions, see our contact page.


Isolation is trying and makes us passive, but we all have to find a way to contribute - small or big. This is crucial for keeping our society alive, and by take-out and other deliveries support your local restaurants, boutiques and small businesses.  

From everyone at Zenit Design - take care and stay hygienic! 

March 23, 2020
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