What is bravery?

All businesses has different circumstances and prerequisites, so what is it besides capital, that makes a business thrive or not? 

Having good finances is never wrong when developing a business, but the key is to use the money strategically smart and make the right moves. Bravery has it’s on spot in this.

Bravery, courage, is the quality of having mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty. When applying bravery to business we are talking about many things, such as the ability to invest in innovation, new thinking, other people and yourself. Bravery is key to a thriving business. Bravery should not be taken for a high risk taking. High risks can be fought with bravery when it comes to design. Nowadays there are methods for lowering risks when working with design and innovation.

A trap that many companies fall into is the fear of letting go. The fear of removing routines and strategies because they are considered company tradition. The fear of scraping a product that’s been on the shelf for 10 years. A change is inevitable - not necessarily because the product or strategy is bad, but because it is on the verge of being outdated due to new circumstances. As we at Zenit Design sees it; a thriving business is a changing business so be brave enough to embody your inner Chameleon to be adaptable and ready for a fast shift. 

Times are in continuous and fast change one small step at a time, not only in technology, but in ways of thinking and behaving. Embrace trends and ask your user what’s up. Do also keep a lookout for the abstract changes, such as user expectations. When social media first made debut, it was not expected of companies to have accounts. Now, the tables have turned and it can be considered shady not to be visual at social media, for transparency is celebrated. An active social media account tend to increase trust in the company. 

Bravery might be to innovate. Innovation is never a straight line and has no clear result which can be scary. In bigger matters the process is also stretched out over a long period of time depending on the challenge. It’s easier said than done to invest both time and money in something that’s intangible. However, is there ever a better time to let go of the fear and be courageous enough to trust in the process and the people involved - for innovation is key to moving forward and will reward your business.

June 20, 2020
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