Went far to get closer

In most cases we follow our projects all the way to production start, just to see how things are turning out and if any changes are due to be made. In this case, our mechanical engineer, Susanne Carlstedt, is working on a project where the product is made for the Latin American market and she ended up at the production site in Mexico City.

The journey of the mould

Amongst other tasks, Susanne was mainly there to ensure the quality of the plastic parts that a big mould machine will be producing for the product. Though this was not the first time she travelled in the project.

The journey of this mould started in Denmark with prototypes made out of soft tools. After some evaluating, the design was set and a trip to Italy followed. Later in Italy, a pilot mould was made that later developed into the finished multi cavity mould that was shipped to Mexico City; to produce the plastic parts Susanne was checking in on.

Since plastic are one of the biggest environmental bad guys it’s important to handle it with awareness.
- Susanne

For a better tomorrow

Except for great design, sustainability is also highly prioritized here at Zenit Design. This leads us to the very important detail of minimized waste in Susanne’s project. This means the production must be efficient in terms of preventing leftovers and scrap. To achieve this, the measurement procedure at the supplier is controlled. By traveling to the supplier and production site it is made possible for us to discuss the procedure hands on, and make sure that all involved have the same picture of what defects are accepted and not.

Requirements of tolerances

When a product is made for mass production the challenges are not only waste focused. One of the challenges is to verify that all parts, at all time, will be statistically within the tolerances. In this project, the parts of the product will be assembled in a high-speed assembly machine, which is one of the requirements of tolerances.

A waste free zone

Working total waste free is almost impossible, but fear not, there can always be good solutions suited to the situation at hand. In this case, the involved made sure the scrap and residues are directly recycled into the production line in order to save material which results in a plastic waste free production.

November 16, 2018
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