Welcome, Oskar Håkansson

Say hello to our new intern Oskar from Stockholm. Oskar studies his Master in Industrial Design at Lund University. After a study visit to our old premises some time ago with Malmö University, he found his way back to us this fall, staying for 3 months. Kick-boxing and music has a special place in his heart and so does design, but why?

Why design?

Design has so many qualities and has different meanings to people. What made Oskar fall for design was the satisfaction of creating something that didn’t exist before, to have something in front of him and to hold it as a product of a dedicated process. We at Zenit Design couldn’t agree more - it’s a great feeling!

Looking back on the design evolution, the scope gets bigger and bigger for every day. Today the profession means developing all kinds of products, not only the ones you can touch or hold. Oskar appreciates this as a part of his future occupation - the diversity of creating a solid product to touch or a service to experience. Some might find it scary that the future as a working designer is hard to predict, while he finds it interesting.

Oskar shares:

The unknown turns of technology and its societal impact is just another thing that makes the future of design exciting and I look forward being a part of it.

Get to know Oskar better at www.ohid.se

October 17, 2019
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