Welcome, Mohammed Aldulaymi!

It’s time for us to introduce our new intern, Mohammed Aldulaymi, going by the nickname of Mo. He will leave in 10 weeks with new added experiences to his long list of adventures. The winter in Sweden seems never ending with cold days full of darkness. As a ray of sunlight and a positive attitude, Mohammed couldn’t have joined us at a better time!

Creative from the start

When growing up in Baghdad, Iraq, Mo always knew that he wanted to do something creative. Whether it was dancing, acting, singing, art or theater was unsure at the time. 3 years ago when taking an intensive course in Industrial Design, his design journey began.

Mohammed aka Mo

Straight outta Umeå

Mo is doing his second year at Umeå Institute of Design, studying Industrial and Product Design. He applied for this internship after discovering us through classmates and teachers, got it and moved to Malmö. Umeå isn’t the only place in Sweden he’s lived and worked in. His experience list is long, including an Engineering Bachelor’s degree, being Head of admin at the ‘’Internationella Engelska Skolan’’ in Stockholm and so much more.


When asking Mo what he was hoping to learn from Zenit Design, it was clear he came to the right place. He wants to get better at visualizing, cadding and 3D modeling. He also wants to learn the best ways of pitching ideas to the client. It feels good to know we provide all these things and more.

Hopes and dreams

Design is a tool that can be used in many different ways. Mo is determined of how to use this tool.

My dream is to become a designer who will create meaningful products that will inspire and help people for an easier life. I believe that design is about empathy, walking a mile in someone else’s shoes and understand the needs to a deeper level. Design drives humanity and our world forward, and I want to be part of creating that world.

If his dreams of being a Disney movie star doesn’t come true, Mo is happy to dedicate his future to helping people, through design or in other ways. His key to happiness is humour and not taking everything too seriously. When asking Mo what vision for the future he has, he was confident in his answer.

I will make sure I will be remembered for helping people in need.

February 5, 2019
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