Visualizing for a good cause

MSF-Sweden (Doctors Without Borders Swedish office) has an Innovation Unit that captures and processes the organisation's needs, experiences and ideas in various development projects. Zenit Design has helped MSF-Sweden’s Innovation Unit with visualisations of such an internal project.

The project involves improving the control and management of temperature-sensitive products, such as vaccines and medications that can be damaged if exposed to high or freezing temperatures. These are therefore handled within the so-called cold chain process that include different steps of storage and transport within a controlled temperature range (2-8C).

Among other things the project developed a concept, LMI-package (Last Mile Indicator), consisting of standardized packages in three sizes equipped with temperature indicators. The idea is that these will improve the handling of temperature-sensitive products in the last and most difficult part of the cold chain, the "last mile". Besides improving the general handling of thermo-sensible items it is supposed to provide indications if they have been exposed to harmful temperatures.

Zenit Design has been a sounding board for ideas about the concept and visualising the results with renderings and physical models, to facilitate the MSF-Sweden Innovation Units work around new ideas and concepts that will hopefully lead to field-oriented innovations.

March 16, 2016
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