Try Malmö's new waste bins

We have been commissioned by the city of Malmö, to create a series of trash bins that will make it easy for both sanitation workers and the general public to get the garbage to end up in the right place.

The range consists of three models, all with the same structure which creates a strong connection between them, but also allow them to be be individually adjusted depending on the desired features and the surrounding environment. The focus has been on safety, maintenance, cost, visual expression and adaptation possibilities of both functions and expressions. However, during the analysis it became clear how even the most basic task is a challenge; to get the garbage to end up in the bin and not outside.

We chose to call our concept ICON, there should be no doubt that this is a trash bin, the conical shape and the relatively generous openings will help to communicate this. The expression is modern and reflects the times we live in, meanwhile the trash bin will be able to take a step back and blend into different environments. Prototypes of the bins has begun placed around Malmö, and they are unique to the city - designed, engineered and manufactured here!

November 15, 2016
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