Trend 2020: Happy and together

In January our trend researchers Caroline and Anna, went to see Trendstefan’s talk about the year's most important trends in lifestyle, design and human behaviours. Stefan Nilsson aka Trendstefan is Sweden’s best known trend hunter and regularly contributes to TV, radio and magazines. The event ‘Stora Trenddagen 2020’, which the following text is based on, took place at Malmö Live, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, 2015.

The trend in trend-hunting is developing from an interest in colors, materials and clothes, to a deeper understanding for the birth of trends. How and why does a trend appear, how do we map and trace it? Is there a way to affect trends ourselves or does it happen unconsciously?

Unrelated yet very related to this text - we deep dived into this particular thing last year and made a compilation; learn more about the birth of trends here.

Bye Bye 2019

In his orange flannel shirt, Trendstefan begins by stating what surely hasn’t gone by without notice - that 2019 was a scary, almost traumatising year; with environmental threats, incompetent world leaders and so on. At some point there is no more space for bad news. As trends and human behaviours often takes a U-turn, this year we may expect positivity and hope. Mostly, there is no direct way to change societal negative happenings, but the attitude towards it is totally in our control. 2020 is the year of Happiness and togetherness - let’s heal and inspire together.

A shopping free life

With all commercials and influencers it’s hard to believe what Trendstefan states; that 2020 will be the rise of a shopping free life, because, like a lot in the 60’s/70’s, there is a higher demand for authentic experiences than there is for materialism. Another supporting factor for a ‘shopping free life’ is the need of getting rid of things VS. buying new things. The biggest truth lies in the second option. Relatable? Yes. According to a quick Zenit Design-Instagram story poll, Trendstefan’s prospect is absolutely correct. A total of 72% would rather spend money on an experience than on a physical product. However, let’s make one thing clear. The need for shopping will not end, it will only have higher customer demands. The last years wish for a local-produced, sustainable and authentic product, has gone from being just that, a wish, to a demand. For those of you that actually just wanted a sneak peak of 2020 colors, check out Trendstefan’s blog.


''A quarantine of consumption'' 

As everyone knows by now, the civilisation is currently under attack in the form of a virus - in some countries more or less. Just like in other world crisis areas the consequences has been tragically fatal. It's also confirmed that the world economy has taken a big hit. We recommend this article where trend forecaster Li Edelkoort shares her prognosis on trends in human behaviour as a result of the societal changes. Much like Trendstefan she explains a simpler life with a big decrease in shopping and materialism. Read the full article here.

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February 5, 2020
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