Toast-worthy results for the new SupaMoto Stove

We are currently working on another project together with Emerging Cooking Solutions, the SupaMoto Stove. ECS's mission is to end the use of charcoal for cooking, diminish unnecessary death and disease from air-pollution and stop the deforestation of Africa, and amongst their many achievements they have developed the world's cleanest burning low-cost stove. The stove is also connected to the Internet and reports exact usage data back to ECS’s IoT platform, which forms the basis for one of the highest quality carbon offset claims for cooking ever produced – one stove can offset 4-5 tonnes of CO2 per household, per year.

Right now we are assembling 80 SupaMoto Stoves in our workshop at Zenit Design for user studies purposes. The stoves will be sent out to a few African countries for testing, to gather valuable feedback from actual users in real user scenarios and environments. 


Two female engineers looking into compter
Anna Suki, Zemission and Stina Hallström, Zenit Design


''It’s exciting to explore new techniques and to actually be part of developing the solutions of tomorrow. And most importantly to contribute to making people’s lives better''


The main goal is to reduce CO2 emissions with at least a gigaton through its lifetime and by that improve indoor environments, household economy and to shorten the time spent on cooking for millions of low income families, Mattias Ohlson explains. 

Recently the SupaMoto Stove was tested on the reputable US lab, Aprovecho, and came back with toast-worthy results. The values were far better in every aspect compared to all other stoves running on biomass. Cheers! 

Four happy people toasting champagne in meeting room
Project members celebrating the good results from Aprovecho


''Our work at ECS means the world to us and we’re happy to share the same level of commitment with our collaboratives Zenit Design and Zemission''

August 29, 2022
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