The Yes Day May 4th

On Thursday, the 4 of May, the conference The Yes Day will be held for the first time. The organizers are Ideon Innovation and Ideon Science Park in Lund.

With the aim of promoting female entrepreneurship, the day will been filled with workshops, lectures and new perspectives. Elin Annebäck, Kajsa Bobjer and Mathias Walter from Zenit Design arranges the workshop "Visualize more!", which is part of the program for the day.

– We want to inspire creative thinking with the help of practical tools, says Kajsa Bobjer.

– Time is short, so the focus will be on the challenge to try out new ways to visualize an idea on. We show examples from our reality that highlights the importance of being visual in your communication. But above all, we want the participants to test themselves, so the workshop will be very interactive, tells Mathias Walter about the practical workshop.

Zenit Design have for some time been working with innovation, entrepreneurship and startups. At Ideon Innovation we coach entrepreneurs and new businesses. Over the years we at Zenit have seen how women are underrepresented in these contexts, and think it’s important that the issue addressed and that we contribute to a climate where women are allowed, and dare, to start their own.

– We want to help and facilitate that this happens, says Elin. This time we do this by showing simple methods that hopefully inspires to try and dare to test new things. If you are more visual when developing ideas, services or products, you start to think in a different way than when you just put the idea into words. There is a reason for saying ‘an image says more than thousand words’, the understanding increases when you see something than just hear about it.

May 1, 2017
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