The Yes Day 2018 – empathy is queen

For the second year we are saying Yes to the Ideon Innovation initiative The Yes Day; a day with full focus on female entrepreneurship. This year we organize the workshop “Empathy is queen”.

On May 3rd the Yes Day 2018 takes place at Ideon Innovation in Lund, a full day with new perspectives on entrepreneurship. Under the theme “Team and development” we will do the Design Thinking based workshop “Empathy is queen”, an interactive workshop where you will learn to evaluate and develop your empathic skills.

– The participants will acquire user specific scenarios in order to think outside in, a crucial mindset for the survival of ideas and collaborations, explains Caroline Formby.

Caroline, Senior Designer, organise this workshop together with our Service Designer Louisa Szücs Johansson and Graphic designer Anna Fernhammar. Caroline continues;

– By changing the perspective and analyze your offering from the outside, you will be able to create a clear and focused message towards a specific target audience. How does the audience perceive your idea and company, and what do they really need, think and feel? This is important questions that will need to be addressed by any company, says Caroline.

The yes day 2018

The Yes Day started with the purpose of a more women friendly start-up scene during 2017, and shortly after the project “The Yes Way” sprung up – a platform for female ideas, network and business building. Today the one day conference is organized by the The Yes Way project and Ideon Innovation in Lund, where it also will be held. Say yes to May 3rd and get your ticket here!

April 25, 2018
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