Service designer Rolf van de Boel focus on the user

With over twenty years of experience in design, Rolf van de Boel start working here at Zenit Design as a Service Designer. Rolf wants to focus on the user by co-create with them in an early stage in order to get the best design solution.

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When everything is more connected, the challenges to create concrete solutions increases. The interaction between product and service develops and transforms into a more abstract form, he explains, and the experience design, the service, rises in value and is as important as the design of a physical product.
- Rolf

Experience design is important for great design solutions

Rolf is a graphic designer from Holland. He has been self-employed, worked on designing systems on Sony Mobile, lectured on visual communication at the Design School in Lund and worked with Service Design on Transformator Design.

The strength of Service Design is to ensure a solution is based on a specific need, he elaborate about the method. With the help of information graphics and illustrations, the solution is visualized, to inspire and implement the service, both for the workgroup and the end user.
- Rolf

Increased customer satisfaction and higher profitability

Service Design has existed for a few decades, but since services becomes digital the profession is rocketing. The purpose of Service Design is to enhance the customer's experience of a service by developing components around the service in order to get satisfied customers and higher profitability. This is done by co-creating with the end-user from day one. You’ll gain insights and understanding on how services or products can be designed to make it user-friendly. Rolf believes that it's important to remember that even if we are the design experts, it is the users who are the experts on using services and the experience they gain.

For Zenit Design it is important to have the users and their needs as a starting point, and as a Service Designer I will try to enhance that even further, says Rolf. Collaboration, dialogue and interaction with the user makes a difference, whether it's for a product or a service.
- Rolf
January 3, 2018
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