SBHub is a platform for innovation

Now we are members of the network for environmental technology and sustainability. The organisation Sustainable Business Hub (SBHub) brings together Swedish clean-tech companies and potential clients by organising workshops and networking activities focusing on environmental technology.

SBHub is a member organisation with focus on energy and environmental technology. The vision is to create a sustainable society through its member companies competences. The organisation shall support, stimulate and create collaboration and offer a platform for innovation, development and business opportunities.

As design partner Zenit Design will contribute with design competence for development of system solutions of products and services, from user research and ideation to implementation. With our know how on materials we can also support the network’s research, development and use of sustainable materials. Among the members you find companies as E.On. Alfa Laval, Cardo and Läckeby/Pura.

Read more about SBH and ongoing projects here.

August 24, 2017
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