Red Dot announce Zenit Design's design as the "Best of the Best"

PFAFF creative icon

Best of the Best

PFAFFs latest collaboration with Zenit Design resulted in a groundbreaking design award by Red Dot Design Awards. We are happy to announce that our design for PFAFF creative icon, the best sewing machine in the world, is the winner in the top category “Best of the Best”!

Since 2011 we’ve been PFAFF’s strategic partner in design, a collaboration resulting in several awards during the years. Our latest collaboration was launched last fall during PFAFFs yearly convention and titled as “the best sewing machine in the world” by the participators. Today we happily announce that PFAFF creative icon got awarded with the top prize in the Red Dot Award: Product Design – “Best of the Best”!

Hi Mårten Rittfeldt! You are the project manager for this design, how does it feel to have designed this award-winning product?

– It is fantastic that we together won the "Best of the Best" for the PFAFF creative icon! Our amazing team of industrial and mechanical designers have been working close with PFAFF for several years, and this is really a nice piece of recognition. Very exciting for all of us, but especially for the PFAFF brand!

How many from Zenit Design have been involved in this design?

– Except for me, former Zenit designer Elin Annebäck and our Industrial Designer Caroline Formby have been working with it. Both of them has an incredible sense for form, colors and trends. With a stunning feeling and competence for the context of the product, they really succeeded in choosing the right material and technical solutions for this product. Together with PFAFF we managed to create a modern expression that reflect the brand values and also gives the user an unique experience.

Did you and the team have any goals for PFAFF creative icon?
– We wanted a design that both celebrates PFAFF brand heritage and highlights the interaction between the user and the machine. With it’s 360° design PFAFF creative icon is made to look fantastic from every angle, and also give the user maximal function during all time.

How did you and the team approach the design?
– The intention was to take the PFAFF-design to a higher level by carefully handling the minimalistic but bold heritage and add a 360° design approach. I really think we succeeded with that, the result is a strong, yet graceful, design language which celebrates the PFAFF brand heritage in a soft and inviting way.

Winning the Red Dot: Best of the Best, what does it mean for Zenit Design?
– It is always really great when you receive this kind of praise. To really work with the client as a partner instead of just for the client has always been our goal. It feels amazing to get this confirmation to that the collaboration has been successful!

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April 6, 2018
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