Prototype and design concept for start-ups

We're always happy to work with startup companies, and helping SubDetect is no exception. With the goal to create a more secure environment for diving instructors with students, the first product to be developed is the DiverFinder.

The DiverFinder will help with communication under the surface and locate other divers in low visible water. The project involved building a coherent brand and graphic profile as well as designing the first DiverFinder prototype.  

To help and visualize someone’s vision when it comes to both brand and product is a very creative and rewarding process.It’s inspiring to work with the goal to increase safety for inexperienced divers, and hopefully reduce accidents, he continues. We’re looking forward to see how SubDetects will develop in the future, both as a brand and for the DiverFinder.
- Oskar Eriksson,  Industrial designer at Zenit Design

Underwater communication

DiverFinder is a transmitter that is fastened on your arm, diving vest or air tank. By connecting the transmitters, the divers can see distance between them and send signals to each other. It also helps divers to communicate under the surface, by for example sending a signal to make their diver buddy aware of staying in a limited area.

Partnership with Ideon innovation

The founders of DiverFinder, SubDetect, is one of the incubator startup companies situated at Ideon Innovation in Lund. As Ideon Innovation's official design partner, we help and coach startups with their projects at the incubator. The first step for SubDetect was to be able to sell the concept of Diver Finder, where we helped with prototype and visualisation of the product that they now are using. A new version is also currently under development with a thinner battery and technical solutions, which will result in a smaller design.

October 10, 2017
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