Get to know our design researcher Sally White

Say hello to Sally White, one of our design researcher at Zenit Design. For over a year now we have had the pleasure of working with Sally. With a passion to make products and services better for people, she’s the perfect match for our team. We asked Sally some questions, for you to get to know her better.

Hi Sally, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

– I’m originally from the UK but have been in Sweden for 19 years now. I have 19+ years of experience in design research and studied product design with a Masters in Universal design. Design research was a major part of that work. During the years, I’ve been working within a wide range of industries, such as Electrolux, Sony Mobile, Baxter Healthcare and IKEA, covering a wide variety of products. Everything from asthma inhalers, dishwashers, dialysis machines to mobile phones, wearable tech and websites.

What do you love the most with your job?

– My passion is to make products and services better for people, to simplify their lives. I enjoy meeting people, observing what they do, how they find ways to solve issues they experience with products etc. I like the creativity in finding the right methodology to use to help answer the questions we have regarding the design. I get excited about the detailed analysis and identification of development areas, then together with the development teams create potential solutions for resolving the difficulties.

Now you've been at Zenit for over a year, how did you end up here?

– I have had contact with Zenit Design over the past couple of years. I feel that Zenit has a like-minded approach to Design and Design Research as myself. I love the diversity of work that Zenit Design has together with the combination of using my expertise for both hardware and software development projects. The team at Zenit Design are highly skilled with a broad range of competences and experience which is always great to work together with, to learn and develop professionally.

Name three things you like to do on your spare time

– I love to bake, anything from celebrational cakes to breakfast scones! As a ‘countermeasure’ I do a lot of cycling, commuting to the office and road trips at the weekends. My beloved family keeps me busy at the weekends.

August 21, 2018
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