Packaging design and covers for Hövding

Hövding is an airbag for urban cyclists, which attracted much attention and is establishing itself as a security product in a class by itself. We helped the innovative company to design their packaging and covers for the airbag helmet.

As accessories to Hövding, there are interchangeable and washable textile covers. These will provide a more garment feel to a hightech product. The fabrics are carefully selected to match different clothing styles and cyclist personalities. Some are more "dressed" with leather details, others are more sports fashion.

For stylish and safe cycling

Zenit Design was commissioned to design a new collection of covers for Hövding 2.0, with qualities that further builds the product's traffic safety. Not the least visibility was an important feature, however, in a good balance with many users require to wear something discreet. We developed two different design solutions and both are now available in two versions each.

The Copenhagen and Ferrara model is designed so that the fabric will hide the rear part with electronics in an elegant fold, much as if you wrapped it in a scarf. A diagonal reflective piping will increase road safety in the dark, but is barely seen in daylight.

The second design (Amsterdam and Berlin) is based on the idea to simplify and minimize material use. The electronics part i partly showing through the cover, and by lifting the reflex tape one can easily access the usb when charging. Amsterdam has a specially designed printed pattern that fades from white to black. On the user the Hövding is more discreet in front view, but from the rear it is more contrasting and prominent. Berlin is the most sporty and least discrete shell. The entire shell reflects in the dark, and the text Airbag Inside reinforces the message to a cocky maximum.

Packaging design with complex requirements

Packaging is an important value carrier that are important for the consumer's overall experience of a product. For the company it is an identity carrier that are crucial for reliable delivery, logistics, and product quality. Zenit Design develops packaging for both consumer and B2B. Not infrequently it is about special solutions with very complex requirements, where our product design expertise is a great asset.

We helped Hövding to refine the packaging concept for the second generation of invisible bicycle helmets. A small box with accessories should be docked in a big box. We solved the problem and now you can find the yellow, see-through cube with its black wedge shaped friend in stores around Europe and Japan.

Zenit Design is a member of Packbridge - an international network for the packaging industry and its stakeholders.

October 12, 2016
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