Our christmas gift - a clean stove for Africa!

Zenit Design together with Zemission has over a long period of time worked pro bono on the clean stove project, in order to take this great idea to realisation. That is our Christmas gift to the world!

One of the huge challenges in the world is to combat illness and death caused by the use of charcoal and firewood for cooking. According to WHO diseases related to indoor air pollution from poor cooking conditions kills 4 million people annually, mainly women and children. The south of Africa is particularly affected. In direct relation to this there is the problem of deforestation as a devastating result of uncontrolled logging in the production of charcoal. Zambia alone loose up to 300 000 hektar per year into unproductive bushland soon to become desert.

Sustainable pellets and a new stove

Emerging Cooking Solutions is a Swedish/Zambian company that has recognized the urgent need to switch from charcoal to alternative fuels. By providing sustainable pellets that are locally made from biomass waste, they are trying hard to turn the ship around. Ever since ECS started as the only pellets producer in Zambia 2013, they have been on the look-out for a low-cost alternative to the expensive fan-driven stoves that are available on the market.

African customers will make large savings when switching from charcoal to pellets, but the majority rarely have money enough to pay for the necessary stove. In order to reach the full potential of the market, we need an alternative stove that burns with very low emissions.
– Per Löfberg at ECS

With all the company’s experience from producing and selling fuel pellets in Zambia, they figured they are the ones to develop it.

Prototype for clean burning

During 2015 and 2016 Zenit Design has supported ECS:s work by putting our design thinking minds and time into the task to develop such a low-cost biomass stove for pellets, intended for low-income families in Zambia and southern Africa. In close collaboration with ECS and clean tech combustion experts of Zemission AB, we have now successfully designed and built prototypes that burn cleaner than any other low-cost stove, and that can be produced at a fraction of the cost of high end stoves. The stove produced by Zenit and Zemission has no battery, no fan, and solely operates with the help of ingeniously designed air-flows.

Just before Christmas we received the fantastic news that UNHCR will order pellets and stoves to be tested at a refugee camp of 2 000 individuals in Zimbabwe next year.

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December 20, 2016
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