New meetings in Malmö’s latest coworking space

Åsa Dyberg

Collaboration, competence and concepts. The three C:s that made Åsa Dyberg choose Zenit Friends as her coworking space in Malmö. We met up for a chat about her business Dysing, an architect agency with a strong focus on styling, interiors - and exhibition design, and what she appreciates about her work space.

Welcome Åsa to Zenit Friends, the coworking space at Södra Promenaden 9! How did you end up here?

– I worked together with Zenit Design at your old office too, so it was natural for me to follow and move in to the new, bigger one. And of course, it’s extra fun to be here when I have been involved in developing the concept of the new office - everything from plan solution to materials, colors and new furnishings!

That’s right, that’s one of the collaborations we’ve had together during the years of our friendship (another project is Vårt kök in Malmö). What do you like the most about the office?

– I am especially pleased with our lovely and inviting "living room", with the shared kitchen and library, a wonderful place to work in and it will be the world's most beautiful venue!

Tell us a little bit about your company Dysing

– At Dysign we mainly work with interior, mostly offices and restaurants, exhibition and styling for example environmental photography for products, with customers like IKEA and Ballingslöv. We are passionate about brand building interiors so we also produce and do interior concepts for offices.

What are the most important things for you in a coworking space?

– For me it's about being able to find new exciting ways to collaborate across corporate and professional borders. Sharing spaces, concepts and of course having fika together opens up for collaboration. I believe that we can find new and exciting ways to cooperate, we just need to meet first!

February 26, 2018
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