New board member

Today we welcome a new member to our board, that is none other than Ann Askenberger!

From left: Johan Lundgren (Founder), Pehr Andersson (Former Director of Trade and Industry, City of Malmo) Jonas Svennberg (CEO), Ann Askenberger (Former CEO at GCI, Founder of AnnLeda), Mårten Rittfeldt (Founder), Carl Forsberg (Founder), Mats Johansson (MultiQ and ZetaDisplay Founder)

Ann contributes with life long experiences in PR and communication, currently making her career in leadership. We speak for all when we say Ann leaves an incredible impression and inspires everyone in her path.

I like Zenit, I like the people, I like the culture. I like the important work you do; not only the fact that you create beauty but also that you make user-centric design - for real. As a user, I get the best possible function and experience knowing it was created with high demands on sustainability. This feels more relevant and important than ever!

Having worked in the consultant business all her life, Ann finds it truly exciting to enter and learn about this new area. Her ambition and goal orientation makes an excellent addition to both the board and our team.

March 28, 2019
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