Lean Six Sigma Certified

Yet another leap has been taken in improving our services towards quality control and manufacturing optimisation. Great savings, improved quality and repeatability are corners stones in lean Six Sigma. Another engineer is now certified in Lean Six Sigma – a method that will strengthen our expertise in quality control and project management.

At Zenit Design we are committing ourselves by certifying our mechanical engineers in Lean Six Sigma. Key focus points are minimising non value adding steps as well as removing waste processes. Processes are defined and analysed by converting it to measurable and comparable statistical data for further quality control.

Susanne Carlstedt, Mechanical Engineer, who attended the course in Amsterdam, tells us about the methodology:

“Lean Six Sigma is a mindset that focuses on continuous improvement by understanding the customer's needs, to reduce waste, analyse processes and implement effective methods. Six Sigma is also a statistical method that represents the natural variation that exists in a process. When a process is on Six Sigma level, only three errors in a million delivered products or services are allowed”, Susanne says.

Lean Six Sigma is often used in successful product development projects. To name some concrete benefits, the method has been an effective tool to analyse risks and to measure the variation on details that are constituted in the product, all to produce more quality assured products.

The work method is used in product development contexts as well as for change management, i.e. when you want to achieve change within teams, organisations or communities.

August 10, 2016
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