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One of many outcomes from the current quarantine lifestyle is a fast development in digitalisation. Many digital tools are rediscovered by those who seldom had the need for it before, and it’s highly likely that digitalisation will continue skyrocketing even after the isolation ends. So, what does this mean for ergonomics? 


One of the biggest issues in computer dominated working places is the notorious Repetitive Strain injury, (‘’Musarm’’ in Swedish). For over 15 years we have together with Trapper Data designed ergonomic computer mouses and keyboards to support comfortable working environments and to prevent injuries. Trapper Data launched their first Mousetrapper in 1994 and have been developing ergonomic yet aesthetic products ever since, always with their users in mind. 


Mousetrapper Lite

The elegant Mousetrapper Lite is the foundation product of Trapper Data, shaped almost as a traditional keyboard. With soft wrist support and user friendly click functions the ergonomic mouse prevents repetitive strain injury.

Mousetrapper Alpha is a solution for preventing and treating repetitive strain injury in wrists and shoulders. Designed for a flexible working environment, the combination of Mousetrapper's pointing device and keyboard creates a portable and ergonomic desktop. The user centered approach drove the development towards a design that cater to user needs while encased in a sleek exterior expression. 


‘’Mousetrapper is designed, developed and crafted in Sweden and we’re proud to be in control of the full process’’

Trapper Data are experts in ergonomics and besides using Mousetrapper, there is different methods to maintain a healthy working place. Check out their research, tips and tricks here.

April 23, 2020
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