Interview of the interns

This interview takes a closer look into the lives and ambitions of our new interns, Carlos and Amir, who comes from the far away places Mallorca and Iran. We are happy to make this kind of collaboration since it’s a big win/win. Not only our interns gets the opportunity to learn from an actual design focused working place, but the employees here at Zenit Design get some outsider inspiration that functions as a super effective working boost.

Sometimes it’s different in the real world!
- Carlos

That is one of many things he and Amir has already learned during their short two week period of being here so far. When applying to Zenit their common goal was to learn more about how real companies work compared with the school way of doing things. To that we say, you have come to the right place.

Left: Carlos, Right: Amir

Roots of a design chosen career

When I was young I wanted to be an inventor. Time passed and somehow during my career I ended up realizing that I wanted to make great products and create things from scratch. It could also be changing already existing things to the better.
- Carlos

Just like Carlos, Amir early knew what he wanted to do in life. He also had a passion for creating things of his own, mixed with the interest of painting and sketching.

When I was 18 and had to choose a major, I desired something creative where I could use my sketching and design skills, where I could make something of my own and become a creator, Amir says
- Amir

Vision for the future

With such driven students comes the question of goal orientation. So, what are their visions for the future?

It was always my dream to be a designer mainly working with different types of transportation, mostly cars but also bicycles and such. Now I like everything design related.
- Amir

He brings up his ambition to work somewhere where he can approach different challenges, preferably with products that are trend and technology updated. He also wishes for a career that allows him to discover new places and cultures. He mentions asian culture, Scandinavian, American and of course german, being his favorite style in design.

Carlos vision is clear. He wants to work with interaction technology products such as watches, mobile devices and computers in an environment where he is able to bring his knowledge from school and finally turn it into reality. When asked if there was a big dream of his, his answer was thought through.

My big dream is to work for Apple. Other than that, I have more personal dreams. I want to live in the moment. Things will change all the time so I just want to be here right now and experience it all.
- Carlos

We’re happy to have such talented and ambitious interns here at Zenit. Since we offer years of knowledge and wisdom, they will leave with a golden experience that surely will profit the rest of their career.

October 2, 2018
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