Interaction Designer - Himanshu Rohilla

Introducing Himanshu

After some searching for the perfect piece to fit the puzzle, comes our new Interaction Designer, Himanshu Rohilla. The 34-year old comes all the way from Mumbai, India, to continue his creative career here at Zenit Design after getting his Master from Malmö University, summer of 2018.

Interaction design intro

The concept of Interaction Design can be explained in many ways due to its combination of multiple areas. In most cases, Interaction Design connects humans with technology. The interaction designer’s mission is to create experiences that make sure the two get along well. This can be done through products, services and more. Having a background from software development, music and photography, Himanshu holds all components of being a successful Interaction Designer and fits perfectly in our interdisciplinary mix of collaborative creatives at Zenit Design.


Having lived all across India, the contrast of being used to a high city pulse became quite noticeable for Himanshu when relocating to Malmo. As he says in his own words:

The first week living here was too quiet. I felt like I could hear myself breathe!

But not to worry, after a while the Malmo way of things won him over, when realising Malmo’s charm of being a small city with a big city life.

A change of career

After working with software development a few years, it was time to take a break from technology and he went to London to study ‘’Music and the creative economy’’.

After studying in London, Himanshu took a different career path; photography. The reason for Himanshu’s sudden career change was his unfortunate diagnosis of cancer. While the diagnoses might have forced him to a break from corporate life, he let his creative side take over. We also learn about his curious nature and interest for user insights when he jokes about his years in treatment as time spent doing participant observations in the world of cancer care and obviously he does not recommend such drastic ways.

The perfect combination of music and photography appeared when he started shooting at major Indian music festivals, which later on grew into a 5 year career. Besides shooting concerts, he also shot for the Indian Premier Leagues: football and cricket.

Mutemath in Mumbai (Photography: Himanshu Rohilla)

Why interaction design?

Having had so many different professions, one may ask; Why Interaction design? Himanshu’s attraction to Interaction design began when realising its potential of bringing all his biggest interests and learnings together. The profession involves technology, research, art and creation which allows him to use all his skills and giving him great satisfaction.

When asking Himanshu of his methods as an Interaction Designer he was confident in his answer.

I usually start with the question: Why are we doing it? I always find the why of the problem before diving further in. That sets the context of the problem from the person who thinks there is one. By knowing the clients problem, you get their perspective of it. Then, like any design discipline, I speak to the users. I try to imagine how various problems and solutions can appear and be solved. During the process I overview, dive deep, zoom in and zoom out to get the big picture.


It’s good having you here, Himanshu! We look forward doing great work, innovate and create solutions to real problems, together. Having the same ambitions and goals as us, there’s no hesitation our new team member won’t enjoy his recently started adventure here at Zenit Design, since we strongly agree on this quote of his:

I feel best when i’m making things, in whatever form it is.

Madboy Mink & Parekh and Singh, India (Photography: Himanshu Rohilla)

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February 26, 2019
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