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creative 1.5 - 360° Design intelligence

An embroidery sewing machine is one of the most technologically advanced products that are produced for a consumer market. Literally it is a mechanical sewing machine combined with a computer and a robot. Precision, power and intelligent software gives the user freedom to create what she or he wants. Pfaff launches creative 1.5 - an entry-level machine in this segment, which will allow many more to get one.

Zenit Design has given the hardware its shape based on function, inspiration to create and ease of use. Unique to Creative 1.5 is the coloured band that frames the interactive surface and then continues around the entire machine. This element also continues the 360 ° design-story we are working on together with Pfaff.

Smarter By PFAFF - Affordable, young and fun to use

This expressive and joyful machine from VSM is launched under a new sub brand - SMARTER BY PFAFF ™. The product is aimed toward a less experienced users who appreciate the distinct features and a machine that facilitates a steep learning curve. Zenit Design goals with the overall design was that by the machine's outer contours highlight the icon of a sewing machine, the two big colourful knobs on the front makes the use intuitively while creating a playful and modern expression. The whole coloured end caps provide a unique and solid entity with well integrated parting lines. The machine's gentle curves towards the user creates a welcoming" room "for curiosity, and creativity.

June 11, 2014
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