IFA 2015 – Inspiration and new insights

Wearables is a product category that is still strong and growing. Health and fitness is a big focus, and with products measuring and logging all different kinds of data, wearables are definitely hot. Only drones are even hotter.

Internet of Things is also a buzzword that all the bigger brands want to use, but the definition and message is still not that clear. It´s still a matter of “Wow, this is technically possible”, than managing to match a real user need.

Within the mobile communication, wearables and speaker categories, main focus for the premium products is genuine material and craftsmanship with obvious inspiration from the furniture/interior and lifestyle segments. Metal, wood, leather and textiles with earthy tones were found in many of the showcases.

An overall interface trend we spotted, was the bigger focus on mechanical and physical knobs and buttons placed on all different kinds of products. Maybe a counter reaction to the non-tactile plain touchscreens, that we see everywhere? Many producers are trying to get the tactility and sensitivity back by using, many times, over dimensioned knobs and wheels with high quality feeling.

Some product categories / technologies that also got much attention:

  • 2 in 1 laptops
  • action cams
  • integrated displays in glass/mirrors
  • different robots

Smartphones, wearables, Hi-Fi, home entertainment, kitchen appliances, gadgets for the smart home… If you are interested in consumer electronics, IFA is the place to be. Zenit went to Berlin to look for new products and trends.

September 13, 2017
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