Graphic Design Trends 2021

The graphic design trends for 2021 will mainly show different interpretations of technique fusions, and will express materials so realistically you can almost feel them. These are a few examples of what’s to come:

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Collage atmosphere 

Last year we saw images of photographs and vector illustrations together, although the two techniques were layered, not fused. Now the distance between real photographs and illustrations are shorter as they melt into each other to become one

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Dark Mode

If apps don’t offer dark mode already, they will start doing so very soon. 2020 has awoken many health concerns and amongst them are eye sight. Blue-light glasses sales are up because of an increase in digital activity, and dark mode can offer a calming effect for the users. It looks cool too.

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Corporate Memphis is used when corporations want their users to feel connected with them in a playful manner, and the disproportional and colorful bodies are mostly made in vector format. We are gonna see a lot more of it in 2021 but with a switch from being flat to 3D and in trendy popping colors. We can expect the animated people to be accompanied by cute pets.

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Blur and Grain

Adding blur and grain to an image can enhance a sense of vintage and warmth. The crispy quality of photographs is usually something to reach for, but we can shelf that for now. The grain can help turn realistic photographs into painting-like structures.

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Plastic is usually seen as the enemy, but this trend has texture as the main focus. Amongst 2021 graphic trends we see a desire to create tactility in 2D images and to extend the experience into something physical. We want to feel and hear the sound of a texture, and what better way to achieve that than with crispy plastic? 

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Retro futurism

Future. Space. Imagination. These are things we see in the poster-like graphic expression. Life has been so serious lately and we need to be sucked into art and adventures. The images are hand drawn or are perceived to be hand drawn, and really celebrates the artform of illustrating.

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March 15, 2021
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