Visual design for Openhack - Coding for Humanity

Happy to finally announce our involvement in the collaborative community Openhack - Coding for humanity.

Being in the early days of the company, Openhack got support from us with formulating the essence of their brand, positioning, values and a graphic profile to go along side it. Zenit Design created the brand manual to ease the franchisees use of the Openhack concept.

Foto: Zenit Design
Bottom 6 pictures borrowed from Openhack Instagram

We highly recommend joining the Openhack crew, other designers and developers in Göteborg this week for a 48 hour hackathon. The focus will be to leverage Open Source code to solve challenges society faces. Register here

Openhack is a collaborative community where ideas and knowledge are being exchanged in order to solve humanitarian challenges through open source development. Our hackathons serve as the foundation of our community where physical meetings take place and innovations are sparked to life. This is where we bring tech volunteers, aid organisations, social actors, and sponsors together in the same building to work together.

Openhack not only got a graphic profile, but they also got a friend along the way. Say hello to Owlen Hackaroo!

May 14, 2019
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