Good design is born in Skåne

Whether their passion lies in sustainability, supply and demand, artistic shapes, fashion or interior, Skåne has throughout the past decades produced an impressive amount of talented and successful designers. Are you searching for courage to invest in a product or maybe in yourself? Here’s a few kick-ass cases to get you inspired. 

Images from jennynordberg


The art scene in Skåne is huge and filled with many different artists. One that stands out is Jenny Nordberg, a passionate and determined industrial designer based in the southern of Sweden. She works exploratory and interdisciplinary to expand the contemporary notion of design, always with a base focus on sustainable societal development. Her practice is driven by a search for alternatives and counter-strategies to irresponsible mass production, and it’s safe to say her shapes is always unique in its raw form whether it’s an interior detail or a larger installation. Jenny often works in collaborations and has an impressive track record.


Images from Hövding


We begin in Lund with Hövding, the airbag bike helmet that revolutionized the industry and simultaneously brought traditional bike helmets some serious competition. The idea of Hövding was born in 2005 by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, and was later realized in their Examination Project. The project got immediate attention and by winning the entrepreneur competition ‘Venture Cup’ their vision became reality. Today Hövding is known throughout the world as the number one bicycle helmet. The brand is in constant development keeping up with technology to offer smart and safe solutions to their world wide customers, while classified as the world’s safest protective headgear for cyclists. *Vi har hjälpt hövding med ...*länk*. 



Images from Wästberg


Wästberg emerged from a young man in Helsingborg and his precocious insight. The lighting company was founded in 2008 with the ambition to turn cold and sterile environments to atmospheric spaces through lighting. To quote Wästberg website; ‘’Wästberg wanted to bring back light to human proximity. Open the eyes of those who close them, without blinding them’’.   The design of Wästberg is sleek, sophisticated and minimalistic but not afraid of color. The company are always in close collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned architects, designers and lighting experts. We are happy to have been in collaboration with the company for many years. 



Images from malmoupcyclingservice


This collective are hands on getting us one step closer to a more sustainable and circular economy with their business model and vision. Malmö Upcycling Service is a design studio of 7 designers focusing on exploring the potential of materials left over from local manufacturers – materials that are considered garbage. Their vision is to change the perception of waste so that it is seen as a resource rather than a byproduct, as well as emphasize the responsibility of designers in circular production and sustainable design processes. Their innovative and unique products can be bought at their own webshop or seen at various exhibitions. 





Images from Greenfc

Green Furniture Concept 

This too is a company having sustainability as base value. Maybe you haven’t heard their name, but you have most likely been sitting on their furniture. Green Furniture Concept started in Skåne with passionate Industrial designer Johan Berhin searching for sustainable ways to produce furniture, mostly wanting to eliminate unnecessary hazardous substances in production. The world wide company designs their products using renewable and recyclable materials, always making the furniture abled to touch-up and repair instead of replacing it when scratched or broken. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station. *After johan came to Zenit and spoke so passionately about his sustainable empire, he just had to be on the list! 



Images from Påhoj


Just like Amsterdam and Berlin, Malmö’s way of transportation is bike dominated. Påhoj is a Malmö based company founded by parent and industrial designer Lycke von Schantz. Her idea of combining walking and biking with your child was born as a master thesis during her studies at the School of Industrial Design in Lund, Sweden. Quickly afterwards she received requests from parents all over the world and realised that there was a global need that had to be fulfilled. The product is a perfect mix of functionality and sleek modern design. 

Images from Maxjenny

From Simrishamn to Copenhagen 

From Simrishamn, known as a swedish summer city, comes the visionary maxjenny. With her playful take on fashion mixed with handcraft and a clear vision she made a name of herself in the Scandinavian fashion scene. Since her debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 she and her handmade artsy garments are living their best life, and is found in the hip area of Koedbyen, Copenhagen. Her bold and colorful creations are not for the modest. 

Images from ScandinaviaForm


The malmo-based brand Scandinavia Form aims to push the boundaries of Scandinavian style in search of something new. The company was launched in 2014 by designer and founder Eva Levin. She is the brains behind their concept to explore ”back to the origin” with nature as the source of inspiration, creativity, structure, experiences and well-being. The vases Glasilium and Consilium is Scandinavia Forms most famous designs and has been exhibited all around Europe. 


June 26, 2020
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