Experience design - part 1

By using design tools you can get more out of your products, services and meetings. You can design and deliver experiences that will be remembered.

Rebecka Eriksson

How to create moments that will last

In May we talked about which experience that really makes a difference for the human being and her seven senses (read the trend spotting here). But what is experience design? And how do we create it? The experience designer Rebecka Eriksson explains it like this:

Experience design is moments. I believe that meetings create moments.
– Rebecka

All of Rebecka's experience design work rests in the fundamental understanding that humans are both biological and cultural beings. On Creative Mornings in Malmö she shared her knowledge about how you design an experience. She believes that you can design moments and create spaces with capacity for magic moments. Moments that will transform you or your customers.

Don't underestimate the power of social context

How do you design for a more social context? Rebecka Eriksson shares one of her greatest insights about how you design for a more social context by using just one thing; coffee!

The reason is that the social bonding hormone oxytocin are released when you hold a coffee mug in a social context. When you standing close to another person, your brain think it's the other person you are holding on to. Which means, just by holding your coffee near to someone your brain connects it with a social action, like holding hands or giving each other a hug. It cannot be more social than that.

Human centered design and social context creates value that can be difficult to reach in other ways than by delivering an experience. How do you, today, get your customers or users to experience what you have to offer?

Wired to tell stories

Human beings are made to tell stories, and it depends on how you tell the story that will make the moment positively remembered or not. To do this, you have to understand how humans are designed, what is an experience to them? You also have to understand culture, norms and psychological aspects, means Rebecka, to become a good designer.

Three takeaways about Experience Design:

  1. It’s driven by consideration of the moments of engagement
  2. The focus is placed on the quality of the user experience
  3. Solutions should be culturally relevant

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Experience Design - part 2  

July 12, 2017
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