Earin is the “Consumer Product of the Year”

Earin won the consumer product-category at Swedish mobile awards, which took place in Malmö 16th of March 2017.

Last summer, 2016, Earin was launched on the international crowd founding site Kickstarter.com, where the campaign in just 40 days raised more than five times of its original goal and got pre-orders of more than 8000 units.

Zenit Design got the honour to help out with the product design, which should express the mobility and passion for music in a subtle way. They has also been honoured with the German Design Award 2017, where we are responsible for the successful design of these minimalistic buds and the robust aluminium charging capsule they ride in.

Winner of Swedish mobile awards 2017

We congratulate Earin and agree on the motivation:

One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. Skyrocketing launch with a design centric, minimalistic and innovative solution that really has set the standard for the next generation of headsets. With snow-balling revenues Earin is a now a global player and one of the leaders in the segment.

This summer the Malmö based company is about to release the second generation of their wireless headset. The design of the headset will be even more refined and compact, add a microphone, improved Bluetooth connection and a fantastic sound quality.

We wanted to develop a product that there is a request for on the market, a product that the end consumer likes.
Per Sennström to 8till5

Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone. No cables, no attachments, just magically small buds delivering high quality audio. The earbuds are stored in a compact capsule, which also charges the earbuds either when the capsule is connected to a power supply or with its battery. You can actually charge the buds in your pocket.

July 13, 2016
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