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Trend spotting from Salong #8 about Future living, cities and infrastructure. How do we create a desirable experience for the human being? Here are Zenit Design thoughts and insights on design trends related to future living and cities.

What happens to the human interaction when its surrounding environment, as cities, get smarter and smarter? In a conversation on Media Evolutions Salong #8 our we discussed how different trends actually affects us humans.

On the topic Future living, cities and infrastructure we did a trend spotting on analog and digital design trends, to try to find out which experience that really makes a difference for the human being and her seven senses.

The key points are:

Trend #1 - Tech / Digital Futuristic
  • “It is time for a more futuristic and less destructive driving experience” Uniti's co-founder Lewis Horne.
  • The electronic vehicle Uniti with its futuristic shape has both the environmental aspect and tech that makes it appealing for aware tech adopters.
  • Attracts tech enthusiast and early adopters for new techniques
  • More interested in the technology than the needs it is fulfilling
  • Future transport that gets you from A to B in a more comfortable way
Trend #2 - Analog Crossover
  • Back to physical interaction with physical interfaces, Analog Crossover attracts those who want to create something in a physical way.
  • Iconic trend; more status symbol or styling, less working tool
  • Appeals those interested in nostalgic retro design who wants to disconnect
  • Focus on analog experiences to gain stronger social interactions by not being addicted to devices
Trend #3 - Analog look tech inside
  • “What the user hoping to have”. With connected devices it’s easier to take more control over your connected life and use the tech for your own purpose.
  • Internet of things-trend
  • Computerization – computer so small that it fits in all kind of things and enables new possibilities
  • Making existing products smarter by connecting them to the internet
Trend #4 - Interface-less/ Backpocket Apps
  • IX free era where the apps knows what you want it to do – in an easy way. Fewer touchpoints and a better user research to really get to know how the user behave in the daily life.
  • Smart solutions that let things happen without the need to interact with a screen
  • Less steps for the purpose
  • Design that knows what the person wants to do and how to solve it

Tech drives innovation and effects us as humans and our experiences.

Technology is great! But make sure it fulfils a need.
- Sally White, Senior Researcher

See the whole trend spotting from Salong #8 on our Vimeo channel here

June 13, 2017
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