Cleaner smoke with pellets

Smoke from cooking over an open fire is a huge health problem in many countries, and millions of people die every year because of this.

The Swedish-Zambian company Emergency Cooking Solutions believes that it is first and foremost a fuel problem. Way too much charcoal are being used, which is not only unhealthy, but also completely devastating for the environment. In Zambia and several other countries, the quest for firewood for cooking led to a huge and unsustainable logging. Emerging Cooking Solutions operates in accordance with the principle of "cradle to cradle", and wants to solve the problem by providing pellets of biomass from e.g. sawmills, waste from sugar cane etc. Biomass is produced in large quantities, but are today burned up or left to rot away.

Since June 2013 Emergency Cooking Solutions own a pellet plant in Zambia and sell stoves for domestic use and to caterers, restaurants and schools.

Zenit Design has teamed with Per Löfberg on Emerging Cooking Solutions, and in close cooperation with combustion experts at Zemission in Lund, we are now developing a completely new pellet stove. It must meet all the requirements for purity, robustness and material efficiency as well be possible to produce in southern Africa. We will continue to post news about the project on our website.

This picture is from when we test-fired camel poo (!), which is a perfectly conceivable alternative fuel in e.g. Somaliland.

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May 18, 2016
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