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This year Malmo and Copenhagen were honored to host InterPride’s World Pride 2021. Although it’s a shame they got this opportunity during covid times, there have been and will be many public celebrations in the name of equality, human rights and of course the LGBTQIA+ community and everything it represents.

Earlier this week we attended the LGBTI+ Business Conference at Malmö Rådhus, as we are truly proud to see this topic being discussed and enlightened from a business perspective. As a leader of companies it can be easy to tackle the problem by saying ‘we hire and support the gay community’ and be done with it. However, that’s only scraping the surface of a much more complex and deeper topic, that will in fact require one's 100% attention and awareness in order to change today's flawed culture.

LGBTI+ Business Conference and Ikon by Malmö Stad

‘’Inclusion in all its meanings, is a key factor for us at Zenit Design when we run our design agency and process design assignments. As many others, we would like to stamp ourselves as a perfect ambassador for this, we’re not even though we constantly try to improve. This conference highlights the business potential in successful inclusion of more perspectives when designing new product-service systems.”

Caroline, Senior Designer, on her thoughts after attending the conference: ‘’We have to remind ourselves in our daily work that this topic touches every decision regarding recruitment, our values, how we work towards clients, what picture material we use, how the products and services are aimed towards the user. This mindset requires constant work and attention in order to shift it from merely a goal, into a permanent culture’’.

Here are some brands that draws attention to the LGBTQIA+ fight through different campaigns:

Skittles Campaign

UGG together with Lil Nas X Campaign

Ikea Campaign

LEGO Campaign and more

August 19, 2021
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