5 facts on digital ux-design

1. The best way to lose a user.

Think twice before placing links in your article or website. This is a one-way ticket away from your
content into someone else's.

2. Comfort in knowing.

Because humans take comfort in consistency, a user will feel its best when navigating through something without surprises or unfamiliar

3. The power of Ux-design

Companies sometimes use bad UX for their own economical advantage, for example by making a diffuse payment
reminder. A design choice consciously made to collect late fees.

4. Know your signals

Don’t underestimate colors and shapes. If used wisely, they will effectively guide the user to find exactly what she/he is looking for.

5. We're all human.

Stress and laziness is often a given factor in users. Always make sure your UI can be navigated by a really tired person or someone that’s in a hurry. Efficiency is key.

March 4, 2022
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