3 success factors for your design concept

Do you have an idea for a product, a challenge you need a solution for or maybe would like to change a current product or service? This will help you succeed with your design concept, from vision to finishing product. Our Mechanical designer Stephanie Franksson, guides you through the advantages of including mechanical design in your design concept.

Stephanie at work
They created a really cool design concept that we were pleased with, but as we came to the production stage we couldn’t realize the concept.
– Stephanie

Do you recognise this scenario?

It often occurs in projects where mechanical designers are included at the end of a project, and they can see that the concept can’t be produced. This is a time and budget demanding situation for all parts.

This is how you succeed with your design concept

So how can you realize your idea? Stephanie  guides you through three advantages of including mechanical design in your design concept.

1. The concept can be realized

- The advantage of us working together with the designers at the office is that we quickly can give feedback right from the beginning. That gives us the possibility to see from an early stage if the design concept can be produced, which saves both time and money for the customer. We can work on the solution together, and talk about construction and materials for the product.

2. Prototyping simple solutions

Together with the designer we can quick and easy make prototypes on a higher level. This means that we can create prototypes from 3D sketches, which is very close in resemblance to the finishing products, with the design concept’s solutions and functions included.

3. Support the whole way

As mechanical designers we make sure that your idea not only looks good, but also works and is able to be produced. With help from our experiences, tests and calculations we can make sure that the production methods, materials and assemblage are right for your product. We support you during the whole process, from vision to finished product.

September 5, 2017
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