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Follow unique stories from the design world. This is a space where we explore trends, happenings, innovative ideas, creative minds, design thinking, strategies and what not. We are always learning, and hope to inspire you too. 


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Design stories

''....Oskar appreciates this as a part of his future occupation - the diversity of creating a solid product to touch or a service to experience...''

Designers Katja & Rolf kicked off another design workshop-series together with librarians of ''Stadsbiblioteket'' in Lund.

We begin by proudly announcing 2 out of 3 Red Dot winners of 2019 that we have been involved with.

The future can often be divided into two categories, one that we fear and one that we strive for. What decides which direction we'll go in?

''..Design is the process of envisioning and creating our collective future of human, societal, ecosystem and planetary health..''

We all face the same challenge we can't afford to ignore - how do we make the transition from linear to circular?

Travel back in time with us and look closer on 1990's and early 2000's design - during the rise of the Bluetooth era and the World Wide Web.

In December 2018 we started working on the project ‘’Circular and Bio based Economy’’, enabled by funding from Vinnova. This is our approach.

In Interaction Design Part 2 Himanshu writes about the different qualities and forms of interaction design.

Happy to finally announce our involvement in the collaborative community Openhack - Coding for humanity. Did graphic design, brand manual and more.

Kikki D and Mikkey Dee.. So close but still so far away. They were tasked to design their own Rider lawn mower and our Designer Dan had a sketch workshop

Today we welcome Ann Askenberger to our board at Zenit Design! Ann has life long experiences in PR and Communication, currently making career in leadership.

Meet Himanshu, Zenit Designs's new Interaction Designer.

Zenit Design have once again been involved with an award winning product! This time we add another iF Award to the collection for the CuroCell®, Care of Sweden.

Either you are an interaction designer or you are not really sure what an interaction designer does. This article series will bring you up to speed.

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