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Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 2

The given task was to completely rethink the flagship sewing and embroidering machine of Husqvarna Viking®. The Designer Epic™. To find a balance between a contemporary design, the Husqvarna Viking brand, and at the same time, make the new product more approachable and intuitive than its predecessors.  


The approach from a product design perspective was a deep analysis of the existing Designer Epic. At the same time the project had a storytelling approach where four design directions were generated. From a color and material perspective, a trend analysis was done and several color themes created.


The Designer Epic 2 is the new flagship sewing and embroidery machine of Husqvarna Viking. Besides a renewed expression, it now also holds new features such as integrated dual feed and a laser guide function. The Designer Epic 2 was launched by SVP Worldwide in 2019. 


Designer Epic 2  - Burgundy blush


“Imagine an object standing outside in harsh conditions for a thousand years. Everything which isn´t essential has been reduced by time.”


This was the mindset throughout the design process and what this meant for the design team was to reduce the number of colors, materials, surface finishes, housing parts, etc. This was done in order to decrease the feeling of complexity, and to make the product feel approachable and joyful. These feelings are key elements of the Husqvarna Viking brand. To make this theme really shine throughout the design, a direction which meant utilizing scalloped surfaces and tensed lines to create an overall hollowed expression was chosen. A source of inspiration early in the designprocess was the Kannesteinen Rock. A stone on the coast of Norway, which has been partially consumed by wind and water through time. The pattern implemented on the Designer Epic 2 also comes from this mindset. It´s inspired by organic layers of time. For example, layers of sand in the dessert of Arizona or the age rings within a tree. This pattern mirrors the feeling of fabric flowing in dynamic ways when creating with the Designer Epic 2.

Kannesteinen, Norway

Arizona, USA

Moodboards & Concept Sketches


The color themes of Designer Epic 2 range from subtlety sophisticated to strikingly bold and unique, enabling the consumer to choose the combination that best reflect hers or his mood and personality. The three more sophisticated themes build on a sense of empowerment and confidence. The boldest and most unique color combination, Emotive Chroma, really grabs your eye. Pink and orange play off one and other, evoking feelings of optimism and energy. Customization is a key for the immersive physical experience. There is a need for uplifting, enlightenment and a new positivity. The use of color isn’t just a case of injecting these bolder newcomers in full, it is about understanding the mood and creating new combinations that will deliver to all sectors.

To continue the hollowed reduced story and emphazise this mood even further, the pattern which appears on several parts of the Designer Epic 2 is also inspired by the effect time has on objects in nature. The organic yet somewhat structured pattern can be spotted in the layers of sand in the dessert of Arizona or the age rings within a tree, telling a story of time passing by.

Color & Material selection process

Color & Material selection process


It takes a lot to grab our attention today and even more to keep it. The physical world around us is competing with the digital world in our phones and computers. The entertainment, retail, art and marketing industries are seeing positive results from building immersive brand experiences, such as virtual and hybrid events, exhibitions, trade shows, and pop ups. The next level of wow factor is using cutting edge technology tools to deliver multi-sensory experiences that appeal to all five senses, creating loyalty and building emotional relationships with consumers. 


The Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 2 is a sewing machine based on the mindset of a reduced expression, in order to illuminate what truly matters to the user. Focus has been put into creating a continuous 360 degree design and to creating a pattern which is in line with the story the product has to tell. To suit different users moods and personalities a range of four color themes where created. The Designer Epic 2 was launched in 2019. 


Mårten was in charge of this project, and knows a lot about sewing machines.

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